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Support / Team Planning / Purchases

Hello emblem creators! We would like to offer many apologizes for the short stretch of silence. Our entire team has made a move to a new location and new hardware! This move also included a few upgrades to our back-end which we hope will improve your experience.

SUPPORT | After receiving many complaints - we have corrected various issues strewn about the current support system and planning. If for any reason you cannot access a previously opened ticket please feel free to open a new one containing as much detail as possible. As usual our members can obtain one-on-one assistance from any of our team members by opening a support ticket. New staff members have been made available to use this support system to provide faster response times. The ticket options have been reconfigured to allow members to provide details regarding their issue and to allow our staff to provide streamlined assistance. To reach a team member with an issue or question regarding the GTAEmblem Service please open a support ticket or email our support team at For issues or questions regarding a purchase, you can reach our Purchase / Transaction team at

UPLOADS | We've received messages regarding occasional \"crew join\" errors and are currently investigating methods of improvement. The GTAEmblem Upload Utility utilizes several automated systems that are required to join your crew. If for any reason (max. crews, SC error, communication issues, etc.) we are unable to join your crew, the upload process is halted and you are presented with an error. Fortunately we hope to have this issue resolved with the next major update!

PURCHASES | Our support team has been sent many questions regarding the time taken to receive a purchased Credit Package or Premium Emblem. GTAEmblem utilizes PayPal - a secure third-party payment processor. When a purchase is made PayPal notifies our system to credit your account with the purchased item. In many cases this occurs very quickly and your item is available on your account immediately. However, on rare occasions, PayPal may fail to notify our system about your purchase immediately. This can result in a wait to receive your purchase. When in doubt after making a purchase please be sure to allow time for your payment to process. If your purchase is not visible within your Transaction History then it indicates that PayPal has not yet sent the purchase confirmation required to credit your account. If for any reason your purchase is not available after 24 hours, please contact our support team (including the transaction ID associated with your purchase, sent via email) and we will gladly investigate!

We would like to thank all of our GTAEmblem members - use promo code SUPPORT for a FREE upload credit!

Jul 19th, 2017

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