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Service Downtime

Hello Emblem Designers! Long time, no... speak?

One thing must be addressed: I would like to issue a heartfelt apology to our dedicated fans and members. Regardless of the situation, the silence was undeserved and believe me when I say the discontent has been felt! I have personally spoken to many of you in private regarding the downtime and understand what should now be done to head in the right direction!

Beginning in October our hosting provider discontinued service without notice. Per their agreement, they are permitted to do so even if the end result is data loss. With this comes good news and bad news. The good news is that there is a backup of the service and database. The bad news is that, due to the unexpected nature of the shutdown, the backup is out-of-date by some time. This has caused an obvious delay while I attempt to retrieve the latest version of the service as possible. Unfortunately this process may be impossible - and will absolutely take time.

After many personal issues - I am happy to announce that GTAEmblem will absolutely be returning to its former glory (along with some special improvements). At this current moment I am working with a very small team to get things running as smoothly as possible. In the meantime, I will be leaving the site online and providing up-to-date communication here. All customers who have had missing purchases or transactions will, of course, be reimbursed as soon as possible. All purchases made from this point forward will be applied to your account as normal (credits and uploads will become available when the service returns) and proceeds will go toward new server fees to bring things back to normal.

UPDATE: A physical backup has been secured! It is currently in transit and, when received, will be reviewed for accuracy and age. Unfortunately the state of this backup is unknown however services are scheduled to be restored in the near future. All UPLOAD CREDIT purchases made during the restoration will be applied x2 as a token of appreciation for the support and patience while things are fixed up! Your credit balance will reflect the correct amount as everything is updated. Promotional items, such as the 2x credit offer, will be applied after the database is in a stable state. As usual - there are many offers and updates being prepared for our supporter members, so stay tuned! An announcement will be made when this process is completed! Thanks guys!

With Love,

Feb 4th, 2020

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