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GTAEmblem Status

Upload Status:ONLINE
Online Members:36
Online Guests:115
Total Members:137,514
Uploads (24HR):220
Last Heartbeat:04:30pm
Heartbeat ID:8C4723EA

Jan 21st, 2018 8C4723EA

Heartbeat Crew [GTAEmblem]

This emblem is uploaded to the heartbeat crew linked above each time the status is updated. The Heartbeat ID can be compared to the crew link provided. This provides an easy way to check the validity and status of the GTAEmblem Upload Service.

SC / GTAO Status

PC UP11:29pm ET
PS4 UP11:29pm ET
Xbox One UP11:29pm ET
Social Club UP11:29pm ET
PS3 UP11:29pm ET
Xbox 360 UP11:29pm ET
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