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Upload Completion Time
Last Updated 8 months ago

Once an emblem has been sent to the Social Club for processing, the estimated rendering time is 15 minutes. In some cases however, it could take up-to 48 hours before it becomes visible.

If an emblem is held in the upload queue on GTAEmblem, it will not be visible on the Social Club until it has been approved and the standard rendering time has passed. In such a case, please allow 48 hours from the time of approval.

The most common cause of an extended wait is caching or a problem with the Social Club service. We attempt to provide public notification of any identified outage or significant delay. If an issue is isolated or on a smaller scale, our support team are available to confirm the status of your upload.

Our support team have limited resources regarding the upload process, therefore please refrain from contacting us until 48 hours have passed.

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