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What emblem images are acceptable? (Emblem Rules)
Last Updated 2 years ago

At GTAEmblem we want our members to express themselves. That's the point of creating a custom emblem - isn't it? With this in mind we also have to maintain emblem image standards.

Emblem images may not contain the following:

  • Racism, discrimination, or hate speech
  • Nudity or sexually suggestive imagery (animated or otherwise)
  • Excessively explicit language
  • Personally identifying information
  • Imagery with the purpose to harass a crew or its members

One of the most asked questions is why these standards must be upheld. The biggest reason may not be the most obvious. Social Club crews are not "age-gated". This means any person of any age with internet access can view a crew's homepage without confirming their information. Because of this Rockstar does not allow the above listed items within emblem images. Uploading images that fall into any of the listed categories may result in (at minimum) an emblem reset or suspension or termination of your GTAEmblem account.

As a general rule: When in doubt - don't upload! Choose another image. Keep in mind that our support team is always available to review your image before upload so you can preserve your emblem and GTAEmblem account. If you are concerned regarding the contents of your emblem image simply open a support ticket including the emblem and our team will review it so you know whether or not the image is acceptable.

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