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Why does my emblem lose quality when it is processed?
Last Updated 8 months ago

In approximately May of 2016, Rockstar introduced several changes to the Social Club that included the emblem system. These changes made vectorization of raster (PNG / JPG) images a requirement. Unfortunately perfect vectorization of a raster image is not always possible. This is true especially when using images with high levels of detail (gradients, fine lines, etc.). When your emblem image is vectorized (a step within our upload process) it may lose quality or cause distortion.

In short, vectorization traces and redraws your original image. This process can be compared to an artist recreating another artist's work. The outcome may be very similar, or practically indistinguishable from the original, but it will never match the original perfectly. The same holds true for vectorization. Our utility traces your emblem image and creates a format acceptable by the Social Club emblem system.

There are many ways to prevent quality loss during the vectorization process. Each and every emblem image is unique. Always experiment with the Advanced Settings provided before each upload. These settings adjust what steps are taken during the vectorization process and can drastically improve the final quality of your emblem. To help guide members we've provided several presets to give an idea on what settings perform what actions.

Review the following to obtain the best results:

  • Ensure your emblem image meets size and format requirements
  • Avoid using photographs as your emblem
  • Keep your emblem simple, many details are not visible within your in-game emblem
  • Avoid gradients or fine lines
  • Add a stroke (outline) to small text or transparent areas
  • Ensure your emblem fills its entire canvas
  • Experiment with the Advanced Settings to obtain optimal results
  • Reload your emblem several times when changing settings as each outcome is unique

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