GTAEmblem offers regular free promotional offers to their customers, in addition to generous discounts and special events. As part of our funding, advertising contributes to these incentives. 

What types of visitors are shown advertisements on GTAEmblem?

All unregistered guests to GTAEmblem will be shown advertisements as standard. Owning a GTAEmblem account, but making no purchases, will mean that advertisements will continue to be shown across our website.

If you own a GTAEmblem account with at-least one previous purchase, all advertising will be disabled as an incentive. This excludes redeeming a free promotional offer and we reserve the right to amend or otherwise restrict this incentive when and where deemed necessary.

Should I expect to experience pop-up advertising or any other format?

We've tailored our advertising service to exclude the involuntarily pop-up format. All advertising will be displayed within sectioned areas of GTAEmblem and will not disrupt or otherwise interfere with the normal use of our website. 

I am running an Ad-Blocker, does this mean that I cannot redeem free promotional offers and participate in special events hosted on GTAEmblem?

Visitors who run software with the intention to block or otherwise prevent the loading of advertising will be restricted from certain incentives. The redemption of free promotional offers will be disabled until it is switched off - certain events could be disabled based on its specific Terms and Conditions

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