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Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

This document was last updated on 16th January 2017


The term 'GTAEmblem' or 'us' or 'we' refers to and its staff and included associates. The term 'you', 'members', 'customers', or 'user(s)' refers to the user or viewer of our website ( The term 'data', dependent on its context, may refer to emblem uploads, both user generated content and images, profile / account information, forum posts, etc.. The term 'User Generated Content' or 'UGC' refers to content (data in any form, including but not limited to images) supplied by any user/member of the GTAEmblem website.

These Terms of Service ("Terms") and Privacy Policy govern the access or use by you, an individual, internationally with its possessions of applications, websites, content, products, and services (the "Services") made available internationally by Zero's Modification Service USA, LLC and its subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively, "GTAEmblem"). PLEASE READ THESE TERMS CAREFULLY BEFORE ACCESSING OR USING THE SERVICES. In this document, the words "including" and "include" mean "including, but not limited to."

Use of this website and/or services is subject to the following terms of use:

1.1 - Account Data and Privacy
GTAEmblem utilizes a system, allowing customers ("users") to register their details with us, in order to use all available services. The following data is collected and stored:

  • Username
    Your username is a chosen nickname used to identify your account. This data is not considered private and may be shared outside of GTAEmblem with or without consent. This data will also be used for account identification purposes, including for customer support.

  • Password
    Your password is a private phrase used to secure your account. We have security measures in place to protect password data and it will never be transferred outside of GTAEmblem and its official subsidies. This data is considered private and is stored for security purposes only.

  • Date of Birth
    Your Date of Birth is stored for account verification purposes. This data is considered private and will not be transferred outside of GTAEmblem and its official subsidies without consent from the account holder.

  • Email Address
    Your email address is stored for account verification purposes. This data is considered private and will not be transferred outside of GTAEmblem and its official subsidies without consent from the account holder.

  • Service Usage & General Logging
    Your account's log data (including IP records) are stored for reference and review - including customer support. This data is considered private and will not be transferred outside of GTAEmblem and its official subsidies.

1.2 - Transactions and Virtual Currency
GTAEmblem is a "Premium" business model and respectively charges for use of its main services. The term "credit" or "credits" refers to the virtual currency currently utilized across all "Premium" services.

You agree, by purchasing virtual currency, that it cannot be transferred, exchanged or refunded unless otherwise assessed and approved.

Abusive conduct, which is further illustrated in Section 1.9, may result in the forfeiture of virtual currency without the right to a refund of its related transactions.

All transactions are handled, screened and processed through PayPal - we retain transaction information in compliance with our data retention policies.

In the event that we determine a transaction as suspicious or otherwise fraudulent, we reserve the right to hold all related virtual currency until a full assessment and outcome have been made.

1.3 - Promotional Offers
Promotional offers are considered "discounted" or "free" incentives which are issued in the form of a redeemable digital code. A digital code can either be of one-time use or re-redeemable. The redemption of promotional offers are automatically reviewed in compliance with Section 1.9.

You agree, that a "free" promotional offer is not considered a paid order and customer support may not be available (or limited) for services used in conjunction with such offers. You understand and accept that virtual currency obtained through a "free" promotional offer cannot be reimbursed once consumed.

"Free" promotional offers will be unavailable for redemption for customers with either a restricted account or are under a form of review.

1.4 - User Generated Content ("UGC")
The network actively and concurrently stores and processes User Generated Content as part of a consistent service. User Generated Content is not covered under our Data Protection policies. Due to this, it is possible for such data to be copied and transferred from our network. Once uploaded to an external server, all ownership rights are waived.

When using the Emblem Upload Service (further detailed below), you must not upload prohibited content. Prohibited content includes, but is not limited to; hate speech / racism, excessive blood / gore, excessively explicit language, nudity (animated or otherwise), trademarked / copyrighted material, and content meant to abuse or harass another person or entity. Customers found storing, transferring or uploading prohibited content may have their ability to upload User Generated Content to our network and the Social Club revoked - this includes other action(s) (further detailed below).

You understand and accept that by uploading User Generated Content to our network, we are not responsible for preventing it from being copied or transferred. You understand, as the copyright holder of the User Generated Content, that it will be made public and therefore liable to copying and transfers.

All User Generated Content must be uploaded by its copyright holder. We reserve the right to remove content deemed to be in violation of applicable copyright and trademark laws. The uploading of copyrighted material is prohibited. We reserve the right to refuse to provide customer support to customers who upload copyrighted material which is not owned by themselves.

1.5 - Maintenance and Outages
On both planned and unplanned occasions, the network will be temporarily unavailable due to a maintenance period or outage. During such occasions, certain (or all) services, including account access, may be inaccessible.

You understand and accept, that a maintenance period or outage does not automatically warrant a refund for purchases - with exemptions.

We aim to provide a minimum period of 12 hours notice prior to a maintenance period - this is not required. During an outage, we aim to provide a form of announcement either via external or internal methods. On some occasions, we will provide detailed information regarding the context of a maintenance period - this is also not required.

During a maintenance period, or in some cases, an outage, changes to the network may be made which could impact visual, technical and background use of the website and its services. If changes are made to account(s), we aim to provide detailed information, where appropriate, of the changes made - this is not required.

1.6 - Emblem Upload Service
The Emblem Upload Service is one the main premium services available on the network. Various subsidies, such as the Emblem Locker (further detailed below) function in tandem with each other.

Virtual Currency obtained either through a valid paid order or a promotional offer is required to use this service.

Outlined in the data definition(s) above, no private information stored on our records are transferred either to or from the Social Club. User Generated Content and other required information, such as a valid crew URL is exchanged with Social Club for the purposes of service fulfillment.

You understand and accept, that once virtual currency has been consumed with this service, the original purchase cannot be refunded - with exemptions. You also understand and accept that we are not liable nor required to reimburse virtual currency for issues directly caused by User Generated Content.

You understand and accept, that the Emblem Upload Service is for personal use only. The following is prohibited; charging persons to upload their emblem using your account, uploading emblems on behalf of another person (especially via commercial platforms) whether it be for free or for payment. Use of the Emblem Upload Service for purposes other than personal use may result in removal of purchased virtual currency and/or additional passes.

In accordance with our service policies, orders processed via the Emblem Upload Service can be reversed, modified or however overturned if deemed appropriate. You understand and accept that violation of these Terms of Service or any other form of prohibited action(s) outlined in our service policies will void your entitlement to a reimbursement of virtual currency for reversed, modified or however overturned orders.

1.7 - Affiliations with the Rockstar Games Social Club
The Rockstar Games Social Club, respectively ( are not directly partnered, affiliated or attached to this website (

You understand and accept, that we are not liable for action(s) taken by Rockstar Games against a specific account or entity as a direct result of this website. You also understand and accept that we are not responsible nor involved in the storage, management or production of User Generated Content and data transferred from this network and its services.

1.8 - Access Rights
The network and its content are available to all Internet users. Registration of an account is required in order to access most features and services. In tandem with these Terms of Service, access to the network is based on full compliance with our service policies and all other binding documentation.

You understand and accept, that we reserve the right to suspend, restrict and revoke access to our network and its services if deemed appropriate. You understand that full compliance with these Terms of Service and all other binding documentation is required to maintain full access without penalty.

We have the powers, when required, to revoke access to our network through means of IP restriction, data blacklisting and other methods of prevention and detection. If you are revoked from accessing our network, but circumvent such means of restriction, we reserve the right to terminate all account(s) associated with you without the right to a refund for any paid orders.

1.9 - Service Restrictions & General Zero-Tolerance Information
Our network is consistently filtered for behavior which could pose a risk to either us or our customers. In the event of a violation of these Terms of Service and all other binding documentation, we reserve the right to penalize the offender(s) with means of suspension, restriction or termination.

You understand and accept, we will penalize offenders at our discretion with the suitable action(s) required. If such actions limit or otherwise impact the use of certain services, we are not liable to compensate for this through means of customer support or other incentives - this includes a refund of paid orders.

We log all service usage, in accordance with our service policies. You understand and accept that such logged information may be used to aid an investigation of illegal or fraudulent activities on our network. You also understand and accept that we will, without hesitation, forward all information (excluding password data) to law enforcement agencies both upon request and to report a crime.

1.10 - Compliance with a Subpoena
Our network will comply with subpoenas for the purposes of crime-prevention and requirement of the law. We will provide the following information in response to a subpoena data request:

  • Registered and Last Used IP Address
  • Transaction History
  • Email Address
  • PayPal Transaction Data
  • Past Uploaded Data
  • Session Histories
1.11 - Data Handling
All of the data which we outline to be private (detailed in Section 1.1) is handled in accordance with the United States' Data Protection Act. Your private data is used for internal purposes and is never transferred from our network to an external server without direct notice and consent.

Please refer to Section 1.1 for detailed information regarding the information collected during account registration and how it is used. For information regarding removal of information, or account deletion, please refer to Section 1.15.

1.12 - Service Limitation & Regulation
The network is designed to balance the availability of services to all customers on a fair and equal basis. In order to maintain such excellent standards, we impose additional restrictions on the usage of the Emblem Upload Service.

You understand and accept that we reserve the right, where deemed necessary, to; cap, restrict or otherwise hinder usage and availability of all services on the network without prior notice or consent. You also understand and accept that all usage is monitored, recorded and analysed for both security purposes and general service analytics.

Please click here to read the Usage Limit policy.

1.13 - Community Forum
The network utilizes a community forum for various purposes relating to all services offered. Forum software powered via phpBB (tailored for additional security and functionality). Internal information, both private and public, are tied together in order to provide a seamless and effortless experience with using the forum.

You understand and accept that the Terms of Service document applies to all areas of the forum. You also understand and accept that internal data, both private and public, are tied together with the same data handling principles and security.

1.14 - Emblem Locker
The network utilizes a User Generated Content storage facility. In tandem of manual storage, customers can choose to upload their content for future use. The Emblem Locker is provided free of charge.

As further outlined in Section 1.18, the storage of User Generated Content is provided as an incentive. You understand and accept, that we do not hold the responsibility for the prevention of unauthorized copying of all uploaded User Generated Content. You also understand and accept that uploaded content may be reviewed, voided or permanently deleted if deemed necessary.

All use of the Emblem Locker, in accordance with the Emblem Locker Service, is governed under the conditions outlined in the Terms of Service and all other related service policies.

1.15 - Data Removal & Account Deletion
The network stores information registered with us, in order to provide functionality to customers. You can request removal of certain information through account deletion via our customer support service.

You understand and accept, that we are not liable to process a removal of data or account deletion whilst an account is under review or when certain restrictions are placed for the purposes of abuse prevention.

You understand and accept, that we will retain certain data after account deletion, including but not limited to; IP histories, session logs and information which can be used to identify your future presence on our network.

You understand and accept, that account deletion and data removal does not re-permit access to the network after a permanent revoke of access is placed ("permanent ban") - we will use retained data to prevent and detect circumvent of action(s) taken for violating offences.

1.16 - Use of Downloadable Software
The use of downloadable software from the official GTAEmblem publishers are made available in accordance with the Terms of Service. All use of official software are governed and covered under this network and its related service policies.

There is currently no official software published by GTAEmblem. These conditions will be updated in the future to reflect the potential release of official companion software.

1.17 - Service Contest & Giveaway
By default, registered customers of the GTAEmblem website ( are entitled to view, participate and potentially win all contest and giveaway promotions. You understand and accept, by submitting an entry into any contest or giveaway offered by GTAEmblem, you are acting in full compliance with all service policies and the Terms of Service. Unless otherwise advertised, no paid order is required for entry.

Unless otherwise advertised, there is no guarantee, support or warranty offered for any contest & giveaway promotion, including the prize offered. Each entitled customer may enter such promotions one (1) time.

You understand and accept, that customers found exploiting or however manipulating any contest or giveaway promotion will be removed without notice - with additional action at the discretion of GTAEmblem. You also understand and accept that we reserve the right to remove or deny promotion entries if deemed necessary.

Unless otherwise advertised, prizes for contest & giveaway promotions are digitally delivered. In the event of a specific prize being unavailable upon winning a promotion, the entitlement will be recorded, placed on hold and issued at a later date or replaced with a prize of the same or similar value.

GTAEmblem is not responsible for the operation or use of any prize item. You understand and accept that GTAEmblem may not be affiliated with the prize manufacturer / handler and cannot provide support, troubleshooting, or warranty information.

1.18 - Image Storage
The network is designed to store, within limits, User Generated Content for the purposes of ease-of-access and the Emblem Locker service.

The storage of imagery is provided as an incentive of the Emblem Upload Service. When deemed necessary, stored User Generated Content may be permanently removed or audited.

You understand and accept that the network is not a permanent image hosting / permanent image storing facility. You also understand and accept that we reserve the right, when deemed necessary, to remove stored imagery without prior notice. For the purposes of abuse-prevention, imagery stored on our network is reviewed on a random basis.

The network proactively, and without prior notice, permanently discards stored imagery uploaded from inactive or otherwise valueless registered account(s). You understand and accept that discarded or voided stored imagery will not be recovered under any circumstances.

The storage of prohibited imagery, detailed in Section 1.4, will be voided from visibility on the network and action(s) may be taken against the originating offender.

1.19 - Upload Order Reviewing Procedure
In order to provide a fair, safeguarded and regulated service for all customers, our automated systems may hold an upload order for further review.

Using a combination of analysis and risk assessing, upload orders are usually held due to either a lack of legitimate usage history, past enforcement action or a general security risk to the network. You understand and accept, that we reserve the right to hold, without an exact time limit, any upload order where flagged for review.

All upload order reviews are typically completed within 2-72 hours. If an upload order is deemed uncompleted due to a technical factor, it will be reversed and all used credit(s) will be returned. In the event of an attempted violation of related service policies and the Terms of Service, the upload order will be cancelled and all used credit(s) will be voided as a penalty.

1.20 - Dynamic Changes to the Terms of Service
You are responsible for keeping up-to-date with the conditions set in this document. By registering for an account on this network, you are automatically accepting the conditions set in this document. This document will be used in all legal cases.

The English text of this document constitutes the sole authentic text. In the event of any discrepancy between the English text and a translation into another language, the English text shall prevail.